Friday 16/12/2016 16.12pm
"Oops You Did It Again aka How Not To Lose Focus"

You know how sometimes when you’re talking to someone, no matter how interesting they are, or how interested you are in their story…your mind can sometimes wander?

The problem is that losing focus when someone’s talking makes YOU lose impact. People can tell – it’s not rocket science. Our eyes glaze over and they can see that your mind is elsewhere…the light is on but no one’s home. Or they ask us something and we don’t know exactly how to respond…or even worse, we give a fabulous response to a question they never even asked. We just weren’t listening.

Here are two body language tools that you can use to stop yourself from losing focus and to bring you back super fast if you do!

Tweetable: “Communicate to the other person AND yourself that you’re interested. It will help you stay present” (@jodigoldmanltd) 

I want to know from you in the comments below:

1. Do you ever lose concentration when you are talking to people?
2. What do you do about it?

And remember…Face Forward!

Ps. Know a friend or a colleague who always loses concentration when they are talking to people – send them this video. Sharing is caring!

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