I’ve worked with a wide variety of women in my VIP 1:1 coaching.

On the business professional side, senior executives, directors and people looking to step up into those positions.

On the entrepreneurial side, women looking to develop their personal brand and take their business to the next level.

But all the amazing women I work with have something in common...

- They have an idea about what they want in their career and want to stop holding themselves back.

- They know they could be bolder, braver and shine even brighter.

- They know they are made for MORE and want to start making that happen NOW.

I’m a genius (nope, I’m not going to be modest about this)...

...at getting HUGE results in short spaces of time. Clients typically come to me because:

- They want to ace an interview and nail their dream job (with the huge pay rise to go with it)…so we make that a reality.

- They want to own any room they walk into, command the stage and present to audiences in a way that inspires and converts…so we make that a reality.

- They want to ditch the imposter syndrome, step into their role as a leader and start making a much bigger impact in their field…so we make that a reality.


I came to Jodi because I was ready to step up in my career and that meant taking a Board of Directors position. I had already interviewed at a couple of different companies but despite great feedback I was overlooked. Despite my experience and skills, something wasn’t quite connecting with my prospective employers…So when I got an opportunity to interview for a Director role at a company that seemed perfect, I decided to work with Jodi to prepare me for the interview. Within a few sessions my mindset completely transformed. We worked on my presence, my confidence, the way that I was communicating on a number of different levels…and of course I GOT THE JOB!"

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My VIP 1:1 packages range from one off power sessions to 3-month programmes.

Stepping up is as simple as 1,2,3:

1. True self-belief and confidence is EVERYTHING (so I work with you to get clarity and to  overcome imposter syndrome and the resistance to taking that next step, whether that’s selling yourself, public speaking or getting more visible).

2. Your personal brand has to STAND OUT (so I work with you to create a distinct, signature style that’s memorable while remaining authentic…this often includes a shopping trip together that changes lives).

3. You’ve got to communicate with CLARITY and POWER (so I work with you to own your voice, to speak up, and to talk like a leader - whether that's talking from the stage, at interview, or having more presence in the boardroom).


Working with Jodi was an absolutely life changing experience and I don’t say that flippantly. Returning to work from maternity leave my confidence was on the floor. I felt like an impostor despite the successful career I’d already had…Jodi’s coaching was what my soul had been crying out for! She provides you with effective tools in an engaging, funny and relatable way – tools that I use on a daily basis to tackle meetings and networking events and be more confident and impactful…My self-belief came back, my profile grew, I secured a promotion I’d been hoping for and became a speaker for Women in Finance on behalf of my company…I realised that if i wasn't prepared to invest in myself, why would anyone else? And the investment in Jodi is the best I ever made."

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So, if YOU...

…are doing OK, but know that you're holding yourself back and are serious about investing in your best life

…want to make a big IMPACT when networking, appearing on video, or delivering a killer signature talk at events

...are ready to SOUND and LOOK like the go-to-expert in your field so that people CHOOSE YOU, pay you what you're REALLY worth (it's more than you think) and become raving fans

…then gorgeous, let’s DO THIS!


When I came to see Jodi I knew that I was capable of so much more. I just felt like I needed my inner spark needed to be ignited...We overhauled my image so I actually felt like me on the outside and worked on my confidence and stage presence…Soon after our sessions I spoke on stage at a crowded industry event. Instead of just a spark I felt like I was on fire and booked 14 new clients on the spot! Not only does Jodi help you stand out from your competition and be remembered, but she also helps you to connect with the most powerful parts of yourself."

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- I’ll read your application to see if we'll be a great fit and then I’ll send you a time for a call.

Please note that filling in this form and speaking to me on the phone does NOT obligate you to work with me. That’s a decision you make after we’ve spoken.

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