>> What I Do

I help ambitious women (LIKE YOU GORGEOUS!) to develop magnetic confidence, a powerful personal brand and assertive communication skills, so that you can:


> Overcome impostor syndrome and stand out as a leader in your business

> Shine at interview, secure your dream job and earn the money your talent deserves

> Speak on stage (or on screen), own any room and be seen as a go-to expert

> Become more visible in your industry / online space and connect with new clients

> Change the way you are seen and step up into the boardroom with executive presence


To help you achieve these things, I offer one-to-one, personal impact coaching and online courses like my Image Made Easy system. I also run a successful female empowerment and leadership programme for businesses and speak at events around the world.


Why Work With Me <<


1. I get AMAZING results for my clients in a short space of time.


2. I have more than 15 years’ experience. Corporate clients include Google, Sony, Wetherspoons, RBS, Ladbrokes, Merlin Entertainment, Soho House group. And I've individually coached hundreds of professional women with life-changing results.


3. My coaching is based on addressing the areas that create positive, real and lasting transformations in people:


> Developing the true inner confidence that inspires trust and makes others follow you


> Using your image to create a powerful personal brand AND shift the way you think about yourself


> Learning assertive, impactful communication skills to own any room and get what you want

4. I’m passionate about helping women unlock their potential because I’ve been in your shoes.


I grew up a people-pleaser who wasn’t half as assertive as I needed to be. In my early career, I constantly questioned if I was good enough and wondered if I would be ‘found out’. I'm also (although nobody ever believes it) an introvert who used to be scared of public speaking. BUT...


> I learnt how to be assertive

> I learnt how to overcome impostor syndrome

> I learnt how to stand out, connect with people and be seen

> And I’ve now travelled around the world and talked in front of thousands of people!


All of the tools and techniques I teach, I’ve used myself, so I know exactly what’s needed to step up, stand out and shine.


>> Outside of Work


When I’m not helping badass women to take over the world, you’ll find me:


> Cooking, eating, going to great restaurants or thinking about what I’m going to eat next (ok, so writing this, I’m realising just how much of my life revolves around FOOD, lol ).


> Travelling the world (when there’s not a global pandemic, obvs). I’m from South Africa originally and came to the UK 16 years ago. Some of my fave places include Iceland, Argentina, Greece…and I‘m desperate to visit a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica!


> Binge-watching true-crime shows on Netflix (with my dog Molly curled up next to me) ...


> ... OR re-watching the Marvel films for the hundredth time with my husband (yep, we are massive geeks).

Work With Me <<

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