If there’s one thing I know to be true (other than the fact that Netflix and salted caramel ice cream are the greatest inventions of the 21st century) it’s this…


You work 9 to 5 (ok, who are we kidding, it’s more like 8 to 7, right?) and want to do well in your career…or at the very least enjoy your job!

But no matter how good your skillset or experience, if you don’t have true self-confidence (and the ability to project it) then employers will overlook you and work can be a much tougher experience than it needs to be. Which sucks.

Personal Impact (PI) is the irresistible confidence, charismatic communication skills and signature style that empowers you and makes people sit up and take notice.

ANYBODY can increase the Personal Impact they’re making! And it’s really not about becoming louder *waves annoying jazz hands in the air*.


With more PI you WILL:

  • Swap self-consciousness for confidence and assertiveness 
  • Connect with and influence people effortlessly
  • Look great without ever having to sweat it

Based on my experience and a tonne of extra research, I created the FACE FORWARD Formula for Maximum Personal Impact which breaks PI down into the 4 underlying behaviours demonstrated by every single super-impactful person I’ve stalked studied.

These behaviours (and the confidence tools, charismatic communication techniques and image hacks I teach you to make them second nature) form the basis of my corporate programmes and my:

  • FREE PI Factor Quiz / Face Forward videos / Monthly newsletter (with must see vlogs, plus priority & discounts on products and events)


Glad you asked. Over the last 15 years I have…*takes deep breath*…

  • lectured in marketing and communications science
  • studied NLP, life coaching, psychology and psychometric profiling
  • worked as a qualified image consultant
  • run my own business and worked as an associate for several award-winning training companies
  • written, designed, trained and coached countless programmes on personal image and branding, grooming standards, personal effectiveness, communication and presentation skills, body-language, self-confidence, management and motivation, and leadership
  • successfully taught Personal Impact skills to many thousands of different personalities (from employees and managers to entrepreneurs and CEOs) in companies of all different sizes and across many different sectors…

…I’m basically a Personal Impact junky and always learning, watching, reading, researching, asking, listening, pilfering, eating salted caramel ice cream…you get the idea.