All about Jodi Goldman - THE Personal Impact Specialist

Let me tell you about two women...

about Jodi Goldman

One is ambitious and gets what she wants. She’s the keynote speaker at big events, works with some of the UK’s largest companies and has achieved amazing results with thousands of people. She’s her own boss, takes days off to binge watch the Good Wife when she feels like it, and gets paid to do what she LOVES. She’s a total badass.

The other woman is very different.

This woman has been an introvert and a people pleaser. She’s felt invisible and kept quiet. She’s managed to self-sabotage again and again, because she tells herself she’s not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough to be as successful as the women she compares herself too.

Both of these women are *GASP* me. I’ve been there, completely afraid and hiding myself away. But I’ve also learned how to step up, stand out, and shine so I could create the life I wanted (and I’ve been showing other women how to do exactly the same for the last 15 years!)

This is my story (minus six weeks as a magician’s assistant…but I’ll tell you about that another time).

Growing up with some big personalities, I learned I had to be the good one. I was afraid to speak up, to say no, or to ask for what I wanted. And the thought of being in front of an audience terrified me after a speech went horribly wrong at a school assembly (I was 11 - it felt like a near-death-experience *sob*).

My anxieties hadn’t really gone away by the time I came to work in London in 2005 even though I knew I was capable of so much more.

I wanted to run my own business (because the only 9 to 5 that brings me joy is the Dolly Parton song). But although I knew what I SHOULD be doing I’d talk myself out of actually doing it. I had imposter syndrome. I overthought everything. And on top of that, nobody seemed to respect my South African qualifications and work experience.

After an epic pity-party, I had to start from scratch.

I had to learn how to get over my own BS, get out of my own damn way, and WOMAN THE F UP.

about Jodi Goldman
about Jodi Goldman
*Cue training montage to ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child*

I studied psychology, NLP and read a bazillion books to develop a mindset of real confidence so I could put myself out there and go for what I wanted…

I did the work to build powerful daily habits (and overcome my equally powerful instinct for procrastination)…

I qualified as an Image Consultant and learned how to stand out (while still being the REAL me) and feel sassy AF…

I invested in myself, trained under some of the best in the biz, and learned how to speak up, be seen as a leader and own the frikkin’ room…

…And I ended up creating a personal brand that has people coming to me for help with THEIR confidence, image and communication.

I’ve now had my own freedom-giving-soul-fulfilling-biz for more than 10 years and I’ve become one of the UK’s leading Personal Impact Specialists, working with some of its biggest companies and speaking on stages in front of hundreds every month.

about Jodi Goldman

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing other women’s transformations
(seriously - not even Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume).

Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with thousands of people and helped them do things like:

• Create a strong personal brand that makes them stand out from the crowd
• Get board of director positions, after constantly coming second at interview
• Own the stage (one of my clients booked 14 clients at her very next event)
• Overcome their impostor syndrome and step up to become seen as an industry expert
• Get their confidence back after maternity leave and get promoted within months
• Find their perfect style and love how they look after years of playing it safe and feeling invisible
• Book £20k worth of new business at one event (despite being an introvert who ‘hated networking’)

Whatever way I work with people (whether it’s through my 1-2-1s,
online packages, corporate training or free stuff) my mission is to empower them
and see them SHINE.

So you see, I’ve been there: questioning myself, lacking self-belief, drowning in ‘what ifs’ and ‘what nexts’. But my desire for MORE was bigger than my fear. And, if you’re still reading this, I think yours is too.

I think you’re here because you:

  • Are ready for more and are done holding yourself back
  • Know that your confidence is one of the biggest factors stopping you from
    being/doing/having whatever you want
  • Are so over feeling like an imposter and want to feel like the leader you’re meant to be
  • Are ready to stop hiding behind ‘safe’ and become the most impactful version of yourself
  • Don’t want to be led by guilt, anxiety or people-pleasing anymore
  • Want to make an impact and have a bigger, braver, better life
  • Are done showing up as anything other than your BEST SELF

So gorgeous, let’s do this!

Jodi xx
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about Jodi Goldman