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Jodi Goldman is a Personal Impact Coach and experienced international speaker. She's worked with thousands of professionals and business owners to help them develop magnetic confidence, a powerful personal brand and assertive communication skills. Her corporate clients include companies like Google, RBS, Everywoman, Sony, IG and the Post Office.


Jodi's Style

Jodi is known for her engaging, entertaining and informative talks / power hours. She's frequently rated the 'best part of the event' by attendees (we have the screen-grabs and feedback forms to prove it!!) And whether delivering in person, or via Zoom, she always provides a memorable and thought-provoking addition to your conference or event.


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Signature Talks <<


>> Own the Room

Learn how to project confidence, create a memorable personal brand and exude a magnetic presence so others see, remember and buy into you as a leader (no matter your level and even if you’re an introvert!)


>> Animal Instincts

Understand and identify the motivations of people so you can adapt your communication style, confidently build relationships (even with those you find frustrating AF!) and influence the behaviour of others.


>> Assertiveness For 'Nice' Girls

How to stop people-pleasing, develop real confidence and communicate like a leader so that you become an unapologetically assertive woman!


>> Presenting With IMPACT

Overcome stories that hold you back (and nerves!), to deliver – either on stage or screen – in a way that engages everybody watching.


>> Connecting to Convert

Take networking (online or in person) to the next level. Move beyond standing with the same colleague all night, and pointless small talk with strangers, to making a real connection with people that converts into profitable, win-win opportunities.