>> Face Forward

When women show up at their best, your business gets better.

Face Forward is my signature female empowerment and leadership programme. It's not like dry, old-fashioned, 'talk n chalk' and it does more than simply arm your women with better management techniques.

Utilising the most effective elements from my 15 years delivering training to thousands of women, it facilitates a powerful inner transformation that leads women to overcome imposter syndrome, trust their own voice and advocate for themselves.

Used successfully by companies of all sizes, it can be delivered both in person or as a virtual programme.

"The women who go on Face Forward always score highest on our quarterly, high potential assessment days, and advance within the company. The programme has become so popular there's actually a long waiting list to attend! ... Jodi helps take talented women to the next level and has truly made a difference to our workplace."

Julie George

Senior HR Manager, JD Wetherspoon


Programme Outcomes <<


> Face Forward gives your women the confidence to speak up with their ideas, trust their own voices and be way more proactive in the workplace! It produces a noticeable difference in the behaviour of delegates, with 90% earning higher ratings on key management competencies after the course.


> Helps your women overcome practical barriers to success (i.e. gender bias; feminine vs masculine leadership styles; returning from maternity leave; caring responsibilities; health issues like perimenopause) by developing assertive communication skills and a better understanding of how to manage work-life balance.


> Gives you the ability to confidently promote your women to senior leadership positions (saving you time and money by not having to recruit externally). Face Forward cohorts (typical size 12 to 18 delegates) average 30% promoted within 6 months.


> Helps you retain and nurture talent by making your women feel valued. Face Forward is always popular (clients often have long waiting lists to attend) and delegates’ engagement scores notably rise by an average of 24% because of the training's lasting impact.


> Builds diversity into your leadership and succession pipeline, by incorporating training on coaching / mentoring future female managers. Helps create a culture of female development that will attract more women to your business.

What women who attend Face Forward say!