Discover Face Forward, an Inspirational Women In Leadership Programme

You want the women in your business to step up, stand out, and shine.

We help to make it happen.

The ‘Face Forward’ women in leadership programme utilises the most effective elements from my 15 years of studying, coaching, and delivering training to thousands of people.

We don’t do talk n chalk.

We don’t do useless theories.

And we don’t do training just to tick boxes.

Instead the Face Forward programme takes a holistic view of the issues facing women in the workplace and uses a combination of coaching, facilitation and exercises to:

  • Give women the tools and techniques to exert influence and own a room
  • Build the confidence, resilience, and positivity to tackle multiple workplace scenarios
  • Empower them to stop hiding and take control of their career

This leads to amazing results

  • 70% of delegates are promoted within 6 months of programme completion.
  • Clients see a 20–30% increase in women in senior leadership positions
  • 100% of delegates earn higher ratings from their managers on competencies (including confidence, delegating, feedback, presenting, networking, stress management and influencing skills)
  • CEOs, HODs and managers report marked transformations in Face Forward delegates’ executive presence and leadership capability.
  • HR departments get constant requests to attend the programme: many of our clients have waiting lists of employees wanting to attend and we get 96% full attendance.
women in leadership
women in leadership

Face Forward can be adapted to differing levels of seniority and is run by either Jodi or one of our experienced associates.

During the 5 (non-consecutive) day programme we cover:

Day 1
Goal-setting, initiative and work-life balance; understanding the motivations of yourself and others; building trust and credibility as a leader.

Day 2
Building your reputation and developing your personal brand/image; inner confidence and positive mindset techniques; communicating with impact.

Day 3
Assertiveness; negotiating passive-aggressive or aggressive responses; delegation, saying no, honest conversations; giving and receiving feedback.

Day 4
Internal and external networking; making meetings more impactful, understanding group dynamics; presenting and speaking up with power.

Day 5
Coaching and mentoring others; practical presenting skills…and the Face Forward secret sauce.


Face Forward is a woman in leadership programme that gets you visible results.

And when women show up at their best, your business gets better.

women in leadership

Keynote Speaking

Jodi is an experienced international speaker. She is known for her motivational, edutainment style that lights a fire under people’s butts. And her talks provide a memorable and thought provoking addition to your event or conference.

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