Let’s talk about YOU

You’re a service-based business and you’re great at what you do (whether that’s being a personal trainer, a virtual assistant, a coach…or a dog surfing instructor #truestory). 

The only problem is you don’t have that consistent stream of perfect clients (you know, those peeps you look forward to working with, who totally get you and think you’re worth every last penny).

With a bazillion other people doing what you do (or something annoyingly similar), being great at your job doesn’t guarantee you’ll stand out from the crowd: you know you’ve got to be equally great at selling yourself *UGH*

But it’s hard. You’re either so busy providing your service you haven’t really got yourself out there. Or you’ve dabbled with some blogging and tweeting, some Facebook Lives or in-person networking – perhaps even created a funnel – and had little impact.

Maybe you’re just procrastinating or (even worse) hiding. And that’s where I enter your story.

It’s time to FACE FORWARD!

Everyone’s looking for a magic strategy – the shiny new website, the perfect lead-generating freebie, complete mastery of ALL the social media – but these tools aren’t the REAL reason some peeps book an endless stream of ideal clients.

Having stalked studied every single successful entrepreneur and leader out there, I found they had four things that drew people to them like a MAGNET. I call this the ‘Face Forward Formula’… 

  • the true confidence to overcome your inner resistance, get out there and make yourself be seen
  • an authentic, memorable and distinct image that makes you stand out from the competition
  • the communication tools to project your confidence and make clients trust you as the go-to-authority
  • an energy that makes people like, connect with and keep coming back to you

This formula underpins everything I do. From my online course for starter/stuck service-based business owners who need to get their ass out there and get known…

…to my masterclasses and VIP programme for those who are ready to step up, own the room and become the leader in their area!


Glad you asked. Over the last 15 years I have *deep breath*…

  • lectured in marketing and communications science
  • studied NLP, psychology and psychometric profiling and worked as a qualified image consultant
  • designed and delivered countless programmes on personal image and branding; communication and presentation skills; personal effectiveness; body-language & self-confidence; management and motivation…for some of the UK’s largest companies (see here for my corporate work).
  • successfully run my own business and taught personal impact skills to many thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals in many different sectors

Oh…and everything I teach I’ve had to put into practice to grow my business.

Believe it or not, I’m an introvert at heart and used to constantly compare myself to people who offered a similar service. I lurked on their websites but talked myself out of sharing my own thoughts. I questioned everything from my content to my photos, constantly rebranding and rewriting (but, of course, really just procrastinating).

I know what it’s like to feel awkward talking about rates, get scared before giving a talk and endure feast or famine when it comes to clients!

But by following the Face Forward Formula, I managed to connect with my client base and build a 6-figure business with hardly any list (and long before I learned how to use social media!) I promise, you WILL do the same – even if you’re an introvert, do something that a billion other people do, or do something difficult to explain. So why not sign up for my PI Quiz right now and Face Forward?!

…THE Personal Impact Specialist