Let’s talk about YOU

You run a service-based business where YOU are the brand.

You’re awesome at what you do – the only problem is you’re not getting as many clients as you should.

You’ve spent so much energy on networking, your website, Twitter, Facebook and ALL THE THINGS (I’ve been there, done that & got the t-shirt that says ‘exhausted’!) – BUT…

  • People don’t know you (because you’re not REALLY putting yourself out there…instead you’re self-censoring and telling yourself “when I’ve fixed my website / got more experience / done more research THEN I’ll go to more events / try to get a speaking gig / post more things online”) 
  • People don’t remember you (because you’re not standing out from the BAZILLION other peeps who do exactly what you do…you haven’t quite developed a unique look that feels authentic AND sassy…and what does a “girlboss” even WEAR when she’s not in sweatpants?)
  • People don’t see you as the go-to-expert (because YOU don’t see yourself as the go-to-expert…if you did you wouldn’t get that sinking feeling every time you a) have to sell yourself or b) meet yet ANOTHER coach / nutritionist / copy writer / *insert your service here*)

You want to attract your ideal clients to YOU – not chase after them in desperation – and you want it to feel EASY which means…


I specialise in identifying what’s holding you back, transforming your confidence and helping you to develop a powerful personal brand that draws clients to you like a sassy magnet. My clients gain:

  • The self-belief to overcome their blocks and become truly visible using posts / FB lives and vlogs. They learn how to network effortlessly and speak at events with irresistible confidence (following our work together, a client of mine – who dreaded public speaking – was able to add hundreds to her client-base by taking to the stage at conferences AND nailing FB lives!)
  • A memorable personal brand that makes them stand out from the crowd (not to mention a KICKASS signature style). Everything is aligned and authentic to YOU (and – all my clients tell me –  brand envy, changing your image every 5 minutes, and WTF-do-I-wear moments become a thing of the past!)
  • The communication tools to project their confidence so that they can connect with and influence clients. People cannot help but trust you and see YOU as the expert you are (tired of networking events that led nowhere, one client came to me to develop her personal brand and presentation skills…and secured more than £20k of new business at the very next event she attended!)

Why work with JODI GOLDMAN?

Glad you asked. Over the last 15 years I have *deep breath*…

  • lectured in marketing and communications science
  • studied NLP, psychology and psychometric profiling and worked as a qualified image consultant
  • designed and delivered countless programmes on personal image and branding; communication and presentation skills; personal effectiveness; body-language & self-confidence; management and motivation…for some of the UK’s largest companies (see here for my corporate work).
  • successfully run my own business and taught personal impact skills to many thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals in many different sectors

Oh…and everything I teach I’ve had to put into practice.

Believe it or not, I’m an introvert at heart and even though I’ve mastered the art of talking at big events I literally had a panic attack before my first FB Live.

I totally get the fear of being visible: but using the impact skills I teach, I managed to connect with my client base and build a 6-figure business (BEFORE I even had an online presence).

And now I show solopreneurs like YOU how to do exactly the same thing! So click here to take the PI Quiz right now and find out how YOU can start owning the room.

…THE Personal Impact Specialist