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Calling All Procrastinators!

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You wake up and check Facebook (even though your last thought before going to sleep was ‘tomorrow I’m not going to check Facebook’!)

You get up and step over the notepad(s) you got when you decided you were going to be one of those people who ‘journalled’ every morning.

You get your coffee…and you’re ready to write some content.

How hard can that be?

You’ve got this.

You sit down. Hold on. More coffee before you start!

Oh, and also water. And maybe some cucumber slices in it. (I mean it always looks so good when other people do that.)

Right. You’re sitting at your laptop.

You check Facebook again (just for 5 minutes you swear).

45 minutes later you realise you’ve just been scrolling and not even really LOOKING at anything.

Right. Content. CON. TENT.  Content content content content content.

Wait, coffee.

OK. Maybe you should do a live about procrastination?! That would be ‘real’ and ‘authentic’. But… nah.

OK, back to Facebook. OMG, that girl has literally just done a live about procrastination. WTF. I was totally going to do that. FFS.

OK, that’s IT > next time I think of a live I am doing it straight away!

Maybe a quick look at Instagram for inspiration: #bossbabes #motivation #entrepreneurlife… #animalsdoingfunnythings.

Maybe I should walk the dog. I’m so tired, the fresh air will help me think and then I need to sit down and do some posts.

Although maybe I need to just check my sales page one more time before I go live with it.

And soon it will be time for lunch…so no point getting stuck into anything right now…

I wonder why I don’t have any new clients?!

>> IT’S NOT COMPLICATED. There’s no MAGIC STRATEGY. There is just ONE thing.

You have to actually GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE! (which happens to be something I’m very good at getting people to do…so contact me).

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