Friday 16/12/2016 16.12pm
"Awks Intros and How To Deal With Them"

Hey lovely this is Jodi and today we are talking about awkward greetings!

We have all been there…

Tweetable: “Handshake, one kiss or two, to hug or not to hug. It’s a greetings minefield out there…” (@jodigoldmanltd)

I want to make sure that in those moments – which are inevitable – you do not lose impact. These moments happen for different reasons… of course there are the cultural differences and in different cultures people expect different types of greetings. And then there are people’s confidence levels, their different needs for personal space and how tactile they are. All of these things can impact on how a greeting goes.

So in the video below I want to give you some tips on how to avoid the awkwardness…and what to do if it all goes pear-shaped.

Tweetable: “Awkward moments are a great opportunity to take control and make a positive impact on someone.” (@jodigoldmanltd)

Have you had a totes awks intro? Let me know in the comments below and we can share in your pain… also, I’d love to know how you deal with it. And remember…Face Forward!

Ps. Know someone who dreads these moments more than I dread getting on the scales after the holidays? Send them this video. Sharing is caring!

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