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If You Don’t Have 10 Minutes You Don’t Have a Life

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^^ This is one of my favourite Tony Robbins quotes. ⠀

Yesterday I was told by a client; “I don’t have time to read”. ⠀

The day before I was told, I don’t have time to exercise. ⠀

In fact, it seems like every single time I start working with someone they say, “I don’t have time to *insert thing-they-love-to-do-that-makes-them-feel-good-and-would-allow-them-to-show-up-as-the-best-version-of-themselves*” ⠀⠀
I’ll tell you what I tell them… BS (said with LOVE!) ⠀

– You create your life how YOU want it to be. ⠀
– You make choices every day which communicate to yourself, and the rest of the world (including kids, family, colleagues, etc.) how you want to be treated. ⠀
– You decide what to put energy into. ⠀
– You’ve said ‘yes’ to the things that take up your time.

If you’ve created a life where you don’t have just 10 frikkin MINUTES to do ONE thing that would make you feel good…10 minutes to get your head on straight…or 10 minutes to do something that will help you achieve your goals…

Well then gorgeous, something is way more wrong than not having time (usually involving fear, guilt, self-doubt, perfection, or anxiety).
Not having time is used as an excuse to not do the things that are hard but necessary. It’s used as excuse to not start. To not try. So, we tell ourselves we don’t have ENOUGH time to even bother…

If you don’t do an hour at the gym, there’s no point.

If you can’t stop, relax and journal for 40 minutes you might as well not stop at all.

If you can’t work on that project for several hours why bother.

I’ve been guilty of ALL of this myself.

But you only need 10 mins to change your life! ⠀

6 minutes of reading reduces stress. ⠀
7 minutes of high intensity exercise has a positive effect on your health. ⠀
10 minutes of meditating and intention setting is enough to transform your day. (oh, btw every single one of my ‘Confidence to Go’ audios is about 10 minutes…Bam!)

These things add up!

So make a firm commitment to put just 10mins towards YOU or your goal…and SHARE with anyone who could benefit from hearing this using the buttons below!



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