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That Old Friend Impostor Syndrome

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You know those successful people who look like they have all their sh*t together?

Even they get impostor syndrome.

One of my clients is the owner and CEO of a multi-million-pound company she started from scratch.

Yet despite the success of the company, and despite how confident she appeared on the outside, she secretly doubted herself. She hadn’t fully stepped INTO the role of leader and mentor to other women showing them what’s possible. She wasn’t owning the achievements as HERS.

She’d even get someone else in the company to do the presenting at events (internal AND external) instead of standing up there as the face of the biz. And she didn’t ever share their company successes publicly.

And ^^ this, is classic impostor syndrome.

It took just one session to realise that it wasn’t even her OWN voice inside her head telling her she wasn’t good enough, but the voice of someone she worked for several years ago! Still haunting her, still telling her she wasn’t good enough, still bullying her 😦

It’s bad enough when our OWN demons keep us small…But someone else’s BS!? F**k that!!!

There are many causes of impostor syndrome. Many ways we learn to hold ourselves back. But it’s time to take back your power.

It’s time to decide to be done with negative stories…the stories you’re either telling yourself or ALLOWING someone else to tell you.

It’s time to get over it!

– Don’t compare yourself (to other people OR an unrealistic expectation of yourself)
– Write down your achievements (the big ones and small)
– Get to the source of the doubt (this can require help)
– Make sure you’re honest and clear about what you want (and aren’t letting someone else’s judgements influence you)

Because I promise – when you show up to your life, your life shows up for you 👊🏼💋

PS. One of the audios in is called Remedy for Rude. I designed it to deal with any negative emotions you might be holding onto that have been left by someone else…and it’s powerful AF.

Someone just said something and you’re playing it over and over in your head?

Someone’s energy has been really negative and it’s got you down? Someone made you feel like poop YEARS ago and you still remember it or think about it on occasion?

Um, it’s time to let that sh*t go!

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